University Entrepreneurship: An Exciting New Challenge for Civic Education

University of Chicago’s Business School By Matthew Swinehart In October, University of Illinois, University of Chicago and Northwestern University announced their $1.2 billion research hub co-venture in Chicago’s South Loop. Governor Rauner and other local leaders say that the new facility will stop Illinois’ “brain-drain” to the coasts. “This is a pipeline for talent that can drive economic growth and raise competitiveness for every type of business,” Rauner said in an interview with CBS 2 Chicago. The announcement comes after years of remarkable growth in university-backed entrepreneurial programs throughout Illinois. To attract talent and innovation, schools around the state expanded…

Refugee Resettlement Programs Deserve Support From Higher Education

I believe in the value of refugee resettlement programs, I believe in the value that campus can add to them, and I believe that higher education should take a strong stance against fear of the other.