2017 Midwest Campus Compact Conference: Call for Proposals

November 29, 2016

Doing Democracy: Asset-Based Engagement and Culture Change
Deadline: February 17, 2017

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin Campus Compact invite proposals for the 2017 Midwest Campus Compact Conference, which will take place June 6-7, 2017, at Loyola University Chicago. Whether you are new to civic and community engagement, curious about learning the basics of campus-community partnerships, or a seasoned professional seeking innovative approaches and discussion of important issues, this conference will provide opportunities to learn, explore, connect, and prepare for bold, thoughtful action.

Each session proposal should relate to the conference theme: Doing Democracy: Asset-Based Engagement and Culture Change. We’re all too aware these days that our nation is wrestling with racial divides, political polarization, and economic inequality that endanger our democracy. As we advance higher education’s public purposes–and gather in Chicago, home of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute–a focus on our campuses’ and communities’ strengths is critical. To sustain ourselves and enhance our impact, we must also go beyond simply adding more community-engaged courses, research projects, programs, and partnerships. We must understand the identities that shape our work, foster inclusive and equitable spaces for collaboration, support multiple forms of change- making, and integrate a sense of civic agency and responsibility into the core of our institutional cultures.

What practices have worked well in these areas–and what can we learn from those that haven’t? What questions must we consider? How can we together build a powerful movement that advances our democratic ideals and allows more among us to achieve our full potential? We encourage you to consider proposing sessions–and to share this CFP with others who might be interested–then join faculty, staff, administrators, student leaders, and community partners from across the Midwest for rich learning and dialogue.

Campus Compact and the Midwest Campus Compact Conference are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our field and in our broader culture. We strive to make this event a safe and welcoming space that values the contributions of a diversity of people, sparks critical reflection, provides multiple ways to learn and engage, and recognizes various identities and their intersections, including but not limited to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic status, education level, political affiliation, veteran status, age, and disability. Our goal is to create a conference environment that demonstrates this commitment and, to this end, we welcome proposals that bring a variety of perspectives, identities, and backgrounds to our conversation.

The deadline for submissions is February 17, 2017; the planning committee will review all proposals and contact presenters no later than March 17, 2017. Submissions must be made using the online submission form.

Session Types

Deep Dive Session:

  • These two-hour sessions allow attendees to engage in deeper learning and discussion on a particular topic. These sessions can be skill-building or issue-focused and should include significant opportunity for attendee interaction and participation, while also drawing on facilitators’ substantial experience, research, and/or leadership.
  • Priority will be given to facilitators who have successfully presented at similar conferences.
  • The planning committee would like to have one deep dive session designed specifically for people newer to the field of civic and community engagement, so proposals are welcome for that slot as well as more advanced topics. Another Deep Dive will be offered for Newman Civic Fellows from the region.

Skill-Building Breakout Session:

  • These one-hour sessions focus on particular tasks or capacities that can be useful to various stakeholders in civic engagement.
  • Session leaders are expected to present some relevant knowledge, experiences, and resources, while also engaging participants in interactive work of some kind that supports their learning and application of the skills.

Issue-Focused Breakout Session:

  • These one-hour sessions address specific public issues and/or issues within higher education and how civic engagement can contribute to positive change.
  • Session leaders are expected to draw on their own and others’ work as they invite participants to engage in dialogue.

Themed Breakout Session:

  • These one-hour sessions include multiple short presentations around a particular topic or issue. Applicants may submit one short presentation to be combined with others by the planning committee or a full session proposal with multiple presentations already outlined.
  • Presentations are expected to be clear, concise, well-prepared, and delivered with style, with at least 10 minutes reserved for questions and dialogue within the session.

Deep Dives: 5-6 sessions

Breakouts: 5-6 sessions per time slot (up to 30 total)

Questions: With general questions about the conference, please email the Campus Compact executive director from your state; with questions about this application and review process, please contact Julie Plaut at julie {at} mncampuscompact(.)org.