Illinois Campus Compact is now hiring team members for our 2017-2018 VISTA service year.

VISTA members with Illinois Campus Compact work to advance the public purpose of higher education by connecting campus and community in Illinois. They create opportunities for service based experiential learning and civic engagement, interrupt the cycle of poverty by supporting low income and first generation college students, and create college readiness in underserved communities by working with tutoring centers.

Winter Book Club Selection

Ken Moffett & Laurie Rice, SIUE In a book just released by Lexington Books, Web 2.0 and the Political Mobilization of College Students, we find that simple online political activities (such as liking candidates, and posting one’s thoughts about politics online) yields higher levels of civic activities away from the internet. We also find that differing forms of online participation are connected with higher levels of other routes of civic engagement online. These newer forms of engagement make political participation more accessible to young people.  They both draw in a broader swathe of young adults than might ordinarily participate and…

Fall Book Club Selection

The next ILCC Book Club selection is “Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery & the Troubled History of American Universities” by Craig Steven Wilder of MIT.  Craig spent 10 years in the archives of institutions of higher education in our country and tells a powerful narrative of how colleges were created to promote colonialism and slavery, destruction of native communities, and eventually the science of race that “proved” Africans were innately built for servitude and abuse.