ILCC gathers resources pertaining to higher education, civic responsibility, community engagement, and everything in between. Resources are selected monthly based on current trends, topics, and interests. The goal of the ILCC resource round up is to encourage members to have thoughtful dialogue around relevant issues in the field and to offer a place to learn more about the concepts surrounding our mission.

Common Party is partnering with BridgeUSA and Table Talk Global to organize a “National Campus Walk IN” series beginning next Tuesday, 3/20 on college campuses across the country. Complementing the Walk Outs scheduled in the coming weeks, and convinced that we can only make real systemic change if we work together, we are convening students from across the political and social spectrum to discuss their feelings and brainstorm solutions. If you are a member of higher education institution and would like to get involved, learn more here.

“The Impact of Service Learning on Pre-service Teachers Preconceptions of Urban Education” by Sherri Weber of SUNY Buffalo State.

Compact Nation Podcast: Season 2 Episode 10: From Partnerships to Transformative Impact

Tapping into the Student Voice: One Institution’s Effort to Listen More Deeply by Laura Wilmarth Tyna, Director of Community Engaged Learning at our Member Institution, Lewis University.