Webinar Resource: Engaging Students in Bi-Partisan Dialogue in and out of the Classroom – Summer Webinar Series

July 19, 2017

Bipartisan Campus Discourse

Building Bipartisan Campus Discourse

On July 18th, Illinois Campus Compact and Wisconsin Campus Compact hosted Todd Price and Eric Giordano for a webinar on promoting bipartisan campus discourse. At a time when trust in higher education institutions as well as news media institutions is faltering, it is important to once again affirm the campus as a place for productive conversations between people of different strains of thought.

Teaching students how to convey ideas through logic and argument in a venue as diverse in thought as a campus will better prepare them to be the civic leaders a vibrant democracy requires. The PowerPoint used during the discussion is available below, as is a recording of the webinar itself.

Click here to view and download the webinar stream.