Welcome Adrianne Beer!

February 5, 2018

We are happy to announce the arrival of a new Communications VISTA to the Illinois Campus Compact Office. Adrianne Beer, a graduate of Bowling Green State University, will be taking over the role from Matthew Swinehart. In the next year, she will play a vital role in increasing awareness for the impact our member campuses have on their communities through civic programming.

While in college, Adrianne worked to increase voter engagement with organizations like URGE, and she continues to have a desire to work for the public good.

“All throughout college I thought I would arrive at my graduation knowing my next steps, but that wasn’t exactly the case. The only thing that I was sure of, and am still, is that I want to do something that makes an impact. I want to be able to end a day knowing I did something, no matter how small, to improve a life or situation.”

–   Adrianne Beer’s Mission Statement

At ILCC, Adrianne’s impact will made by fostering greater collaboration between campus and community. As a Communications VISTA, she will carry on the work of creating a strong culture of reciprocal storytelling, in which both campus and community benefit from the recognition of their civic contributions.

Welcome, Adrianne!

You can contact Adrianne at abeer2 {at} depaul(.)edu, or at 312-362-1271